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Comsi Comsa by Sauvage – Great Value Sparkling Wine for the Savvy Consumer

I like sparkling wine, but my love for bubbles goes far beyond Champagne and wines that follow a similar style and taste profile. There is a family of apple sparklers that have my special attention, thanks to the time I lived in Vermont, where Apple is an officially designated fruit, and apple drinks are in abundance. I no longer live there, but I’m still in apple’s heaven – New York.

The holiday season is a perfect time for the apple sparkling. It’s light, refreshing, pairs well with food and inexpensive. I’ve recently tried Comsi Comsa apple crisp by Sauvage and absolutely loved it.

Sauvage is a brand-new producer of apple sparkling wine in Upstate New York (Oneonta). Comsi Comsa is made from pure apple juice fermented with Champagne yeast to produce dry delicious sparkling wine. The wine’s clean and elegant taste comes from fresh and crispy apples carefully blended to receive the perfect formula. Amber in color and packed with flavors of baked apple, sweet pear, caramel, and spice, it tastes to me like orange wine but with a subtle sweetness in it and tiny bubbles. But I’ll let the wine to do the talking now…

Comsi Comsa by Sauvage

‘Comsi Comsa’ is an apple bomb, but not the one that overwhelms your senses with crazy fruitiness and cloying sweetness. Instead, it’s clean and delicate. It smells like apple pie and sugar powder that warms you up with spice and happiness. But once you make the first sip, it cools you down, sending shivers down your spine, and leaving you in juicy anticipation for something bigger. For a moment, everything comes to a standstill letting you embrace the creamy mouthfeel and enjoy the apple velvet. The richness of flavor and creaminess are balanced by vibrant acidity and underscored by lively bubbles. Dry lingering finale asks for more of this sparkling water as if you hadn’t had a sip yet.

This is the wine I’d be drinking while decorating Christmas-tree this year and watching the snow fall outside my window. And this is the same wine I’d be sipping during Sunday brunch with friends or celebration party. There is something intimate about this wine but equally collective as if I want to keep it for myself but also want to share it with loved ones…

Comsi Comsa by Sauvage

Recommendations for Comsi Comsa by Sauvage:

Why ?

The wine is made with pure apple juice, naturally fermented and bottled with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors. Combine it with relatively low alcohol level (12% ABV), and you can drink it by the case! I’m not sensitive to gluten, but if you are, this wine is a great gluten-free option. It’s made of apples, so it’s naturally gluten-free. And, as if that were not enough, the wine is Kosher. Pop up the cork and pour me a glass!

What’s more, the wine is packaged in elegant, plain black, classic champagne-style bottle. It looks chic and stylish, and it’s sealed with a Champagne cork and wire cage, making this a lovely addition to a romantic dinner, celebration, or a gift. It is also relatively inexpensive ($14.99 in retail) compared to Champagne and premium Prosecco.


Comme ci comme ca’ is a French phrase that literally translates like this, like that, meaning that you don’t have to choose when and how to drink it. A boozy brunch, a celebration party, or just a simple home meal, – whatever the occasion, this wine is perfect as a solo treat, accompanied by food or in cocktails.


Tasting apple sparkling is not different from any other sparkling wine. Comsi Comsa has soft round bubbles and is best served chilled in a tulip, classic white wine glass or champagne flute. 30 minutes in ice water or 3 hours in the refrigerator should do the trick. Pair it with your favorite meat & cheese plate, lighter meats, grill foods or spicy dishes.

Sponsored by Sauvage as part of the product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions are mine, and I was in no way influenced by the company.

To find Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp, please use this wine locator map and look for it in local bars and restaurants. Visit Sauvage farm and distillery in Oneonta for a tour and a tasting.

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