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Harp Forwinesake is a fine wine and chamber music event series presented by wine expert Elena Grigio and harp virtuoso Melanie Genin.

Elena Grigio Melanie Genin

A guided tasting of fine wine where stories of the grapes blend with musical tales in the intimacy of a salon à la française. The goal of the event is to make classical music as well as wine appreciation more approachable and accessible outside of the concert hall.

The theme of each event varies depending on the music program and performers availability. Although, there is no strict wine and music pairing, we follow the music mode and select our wines accordingly, following normal progression of a traditional wine tasting.

Harp Forwinesake is a multi-sensory experience, adding a fun and accessible twist to a sophisticated cultural offering.

If you are a winemaker, and would like your wines to be featured in one of our events, please email to to discuss potential collaboration.

If you are a wine lover who appreciate music and other forms of art, subscribe below to be the first to know about our next event, follow me on Instagram @forwinesake, Facebook @4winesake or Twitter @forwinesake

Harp Forwinesake

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