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Raw Wine Chronicles, NYC 2016

Today is the day!

I love going into artisanal wine fairs not only because I’m a big fan of naturally grown and naturally made wines but I also love to meet and talk to these people, the artisans, who put so much energy and love in order to create the product that is an authentic expression of their talent and a place.

It’s the first natural wine fair organized by Isabelle Legeron in New York City. “It celebrates wines with emotion. Wines that have a humanlike, or living, presence.” Isabelle Legeron on “What is Natural Wine? “It features an array of over a hundred natural winemakers coming from across the globe to showcase the result of their hard work.

I love natural wine because of several reasons:

Firstly, it’s honest. It has nothing to hide, no chemicals are added and no technological manipulations are used to “improve” the taste of wine, cover imperfections or homogenize the style. Purity, Individuality and terroir expression are first and foremost.

Secondly, I really enjoy the diversity of taste: a little bready, a little volatile sometimes, but most importantly very distinct and alive. Natural wine is often lighter, less extracted, and incredibly food-friendly.

…and lastly, I like the surprise factor, no vintage is the same. At the end it’s nature that you can’t control, but rather have to trust and support. Natural wine is a constant experiment, it’s a journey, not a destination.

Here are some of my favorite producers and wines from the Raw Wine’16, NY:


  1. Christian Tschida, Burgenland
    • Himmel Auf Erden Rose 2015
  2. Meinklang, Burgenland
    • Konkret Red 2013, Vin de Table
    • Konkret White 2014, Vin de Table
  3. Gut Oggau, Burgenland
    • Timotheus 2015 , Vin de Pays [Gruner Veltliner,Weissburgunder]
  4.  Claus Preisinger
    • Kalkundkiesel Red 2015, Vin de Table
    • Pinot Noir 2015, Vin de Table
  5. Weingut & Sektmanufactur Strohmeier, West Styria
    • Rose Sparkling Non Vintage, Sekt
    • Trauben, Liebe & Zeit – Rot No.5 2015, Vin de Pays


  1. Champagne Augustin, Champagne
    • Cuvee CXVI – Sans Soufre (without Sulphur) NV 100%Pinot Noir
  2. Domaine de l’Ecu, Loire
    • Carpe Diem 2013, Vin de Table
    • Granite 2014, Muscadet Sevre et Maine
  3. Domain de Montcy, Loire
    • Cour Cheverny 2015, Cour Cheverny 100%Romorantin
  4. Riberach, Belesta, Roussillon
    • Synthese Rouge 2013, IGP Cotes Catalanes [Carignan, Syrah, Grenache]
    • Hypothese Rouge 2011, IGP Cotes Catalanes 100%Carignan


  1. Denis Montanar, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • Verduzzo Friulano 2009, IGT
  2. Colombaia, Tuscany
    • Colombaia Bianco 2015, IGT
  3. Carussin, Piedmont
    • Filari corti, il Moscato d’Asti


  1. Bloomer Creek Vineyard, Finger Lakes
    • Heuriger Blend Petillant Naturel 2015
    • Barrow Vineyard Dry Riesling 2015
    • Vin D’ete 2014 [Cabernet Franc/Gamay Noir
  2. Vinca Minor, Calofornia
    • Redwood Valley  Petite Sirah 2015, Redwood Valley
  3. Ambyth Estate, Paso Robles AVA
    • Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Santa Barbara
    • Mourvedre 2013, Paso Robles
    • Syrah 2013, Paso Robles
  4. Day Wines, Williamette Valley (Oregon)
    • Papacito 2015, Applegate Valley
    • Tnt 2014, Applegate Valley


  1. Gotsa Wines, Kvemo Kartli, Georgia
    • Chinuri 2014, village Asureti
  2. Pheasant’s Tears, Kakheti, Georgia
    • Tavkveri 2015, Kartli


Learn more about natural wines:

The interview with Isabelle Legeron on Natural Wine by Levi Dalton

1. Alice Feiring “Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally”

2. Isabelle Legeron “Natural Wine: An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally”




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